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My figurative work has always been inspired by my continued  practise in going to life drawing classes. It is the ultimate drawing challenge to get your proportions correct and an opportunity to draw from life.

All these paintings I have shown here are painted directly from a model and some have been finished in my studio from a photograph of the same model. The first two paintings were an attempt to combine birds into the composition and were part of a series I started called 'Woman and Birds'. I tried to show the story about the women and placed them in a setting that suggested the narrative, and I hope the titles also help to explain the story.

The three paintings titled 'Confrontation' 'Anxiety' and 'Acceptance' were a series done at a time of my life when I was going through a huge emotional upheaval and I was very unhappy with myself and my life and the choices I had made......and although it was not intentional, those extremely unhappy,  angry, guilty,  resentful and soul searching times seem to have reflected into and come out in these three paintings !!

Then the four paintings titled 'Reflecting' 'Thinking' 'Waiting' and 'Dreaming' were painted from a model when I first relocated to the UK.  The thoughts behind these paintings were a direct response to living in a new country and trying to fit in to a new environment and culture, with all the stress and anxiety and emotional baggage that comes with relocating.

'The Tree of Life'  BS-394-17  90x90cm  Oil  Stretched Canvas  £730.00 

When you think of a still life, it is just a few objects thrown together on a table next to a light, not for me......

I have seen over the years it is a response to the seasons, my surroundings and my environment.

Every year I respond to the inspiration of the snow drops and the daffodils that pop up to herald the spring, and every year I want to paint them......

I am inspired by the brilliant colours of seasonal fruit and vegetables......and I want to paint them......and then there are the elliptical challenges of painting a teapot or the challenge of painting many of the basic skills are found and learned in drawing and painting still life objects !!

And there is a wonderful satisfaction in creating a painting of a simple apple......

it me. It's easy.