Hi, my name is Janice Lazzarich and this is my website where I share all my paintings and my activities about my artistic life. It is presented very simply in a portfolio presentation so I hope you will enjoy looking through my work and if you have an suggestions or requests please go to my 'contact me' page and send me an email or contact me via my social media pages..... or just phone me !!

I am an oil painter and I have done a bit of illustration work in the past. I also started my career in advertising and then decided to change direction when my son went to school, so I could be at home with him and I could also do a bit of painting at the same time.

I have always been an artist at heart, my Mom and Dad where both artists as well, so I grew up in a family where the arts were a strong influence. I loved colouring in as a child and I got distinctions at school for art, so it was always going to be the focus in my life!!

I studied Fine Art with a very well know artist in South Africa, Ryno Swart, and from that time onwards I have specialised in oil painting. I do tend to jump around a bit in terms of subject matter, but that keeps me inspired and stops me getting bored. I paint what inspires me at the time, whether it is a simple still life or a complicated portrait.  I like to paint quickly and loosely and I love seeing the individual brushmarks, the palette knife marks, and really bright provocative colours !!

During the last year with the Corona virus Pandemic and the lockdowns, I started producing drawing and oil painting tutorial videos and have learnt some new skills which have kept me entertained during lockdown !!

I have included a detailed CV and a pricelist for my portrait commissioned work. I am not doing any courses or classes at the moment due to lockdowns.

​An artist's life takes many twists and turns as one strives for recognition the ultimate satisfaction in creating one's masterpiece....and each new painting has that hope within it.....