I am having my first major solo exhibition at Castle Park Arts Center in Frodsham UK 

22nd September to 1st November 2017  This is my 'Artist Statement' for my exhibition. 


 My passion is painting and I have been painting for many years now. My journey as an artist started with a box of crayons in childhood and took me into Advertising as a Graphic Designer, and then on to Fine Art, which has been, as all artists will know, both a struggle and a joy. I am inspired by the Great artists past and present. I paint only the things that I love most. My exhibition takes you on a journey through my favourite subjects. I have painted portraits of some amazing women and the female figure. I have portrayed my women with some of my favourite birds for which I have great affection. You’ll find other favourites of mine, horses,  wildlife and the simple "Still Life". These are all included in my exhibition.  

I hope you enjoy the journey !





I have a new range of cards out now at 2 pounds each. They are available at Castle Park Arts Center or available from this website, email me if you are interested in purchasing them, my email: janicelazzarich@gmail.com


I am taking part in an exhibition with three other artists called 'FOUR'

Opening 4th March 2017 at 'The Gallery at Bank Quay House' Warrington Cheshire UK

Beverley Seddon - Textiles

Deborah Podmore - Ceramics

Janice Lazzarich - Oils

Sue Cartright - Watercolour

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